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Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding bands come in a range of different designs, width, shapes and sizes and knowing which band to pick can be quite difficult. This very special piece of jewellery symbolises your eternal love and is not something that should be bought without research. The most traditional form of wedding ring is a simple gold band, however more modern wedding rings are known to include engravings and/or precious stones.

One of the most important decisions to make throughout this process, is to decide which material you’d like to make your ring out of. Traditionally white or yellow gold have been the preferred choice, but over the recent years platinum is becoming more and more popular for wedding ring due to its it’s durability and colour. Although white gold is a similar colour finished, it still requires upkeep as gold is naturally a yellow colour and platinum is naturally a silver colour.

It is important to take into consideration the metal used within the engagement ring as both rings will be worn together, over the years the rings will wear and if you have two different metals one will wear quicker than the other. This is why it is our recommendation to have your wedding ring the same metal as your engagement ring however it is not essential.

Wedding rings can come in a combination of different styles and shapes, the best place to start is figuring out which profile of wedding ring you prefer.

Court shaped – This is the traditional wedding ring shape, it is slightly rounded on both the outside and inside creating a comfortable fit around the finger.

D shaped – Another traditional profile, these wedding rings are flat on the inside with a rounded exterior to create substance and a satisfying weight.

Flat- Flat profile rings have flat edges on all sides of the ring. They sit close to the finger as they are not as deep as other profiles.

Flat Court- This profile involves a flat surface on the outside and a round finish on the inside making it comfortable and sleek.

Shaped – As engagement rings can come with large diamonds or precious stones, a shaped wedding ring with a curve might be more suitable to fit around the engagement ring comfortably.

Wedding rings come in a variety of weights and traditionally men wear wider rings whilst women wear thinner rings. Heavier rings are usually more durable. Many customers choose to have a wedding ring that matches their engagement ring, and in order for the rings to look like they were designed to fit together, you could opt for a wedding ring that contains diamonds or precious stones to match the original engagement ring.


We have an onsite workshop and are able to make bespoke items, therefor if you cannot find a wedding ring to sit next to your engagement ring or you want something more unique, our experienced team can create the ring of your dreams. A wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, which is why choosing the right rings should be precious and personal to you both and that is why we at Hatton’s consider it an honour to help find the perfect ring to symbolize your love.

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