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Buying Your Engagement Ring

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking for an engagement ring, so we suggest looking at your partner’s current jewellery selection to see if they prefer more of a contemporary or classic style of jewellery. By making a note of which metals they prefer, whether that be silver, gold or platinum. Their current jewellery collection will help you to develop an understanding of what they look for when buying jewellery, so you can build a clear picture of the style of the engagement ring you are looking for. Do they prefer a more classic, simple style? Or something more unusual and unique? You should also consider what type of stone your loved one would like: Would they prefer a traditional diamond or a coloured gemstone? These are all contributing factors for you to keep in mind when you start shopping.


The style of engagement ring should match the personal style of the ring wearer and should also suit the shape of their fingers. There are four main styles when it comes to engagement rings;


Solitaire – A classic single diamond set within a simple band

Trilogy – Three stones representing the past, present and future.

Cluster – A selection of different sized diamonds

Halo – A large centre stone surrounded by smaller stones.


There are several different cuts available for your centre stone, should you choose a diamond or a different gemstone. The most traditional cut is a round cut, now they’re named modern brilliant however more vintage stones could be a variety of different round cut stones all named differently depending on the way they’ve been cut.

To view different cuts of stones, click here.   Our guide to buying a diamond- Cuts


Traditionally white or yellow gold have been the preferred choice, but over the recent years platinum and titanium are becoming more and more popular for engagement rings. We suggest that your wedding band is made from the same metal as your engagement ring to avoid the two scratching and wearing away at each other.

Ring Size

Knowing the right ring size is crucial to making sure the moment you get engaged is perfect. Although you can get the ring resized, you want your partner to be able to wear the ring after your special moment. We suggest looking at the size of your partner’s current rings, or asking a family member or friend if they know the correct size.

Ready To Make A Decision?

Getting engaged is one of the most important and emotional decisions in your life, which makes choosing the right engagement ring even more stressful. It’s an important purchase so feeling confident in your choice is crucial. We suggest coming in store to visit and if your struggling to find the perfect ring a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.


If you want to create something truly unique why not get a bespoke ring created, we have an onsite workshop where we can create the ring of your dreams. We have plenty of stone suppliers meaning we’re able to get the perfect, responsibly sourced stone, for any of your jewellery needs.

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