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Diamond set jewellery is a timeless addition to any jewellery box, and we certainly have plenty of choice in store. Whether you are looking to purchase something more extravagant or wishing to stay at a certain budget we have a wide variety of options.

Once the technique for diamond cutting was mastered, diamonds’ place in the world rapidly evolved. In the 1600s, claw settings began to be used to secure diamonds in fine jewellery.

Today, diamonds are appreciated for their beauty and prestige, which is why they are used for jewellery. Diamonds are known to represent forever, they convey a message of loyalty to their recipients, making it the ideal stone for jewellery, especially engagement rings.

At Hatton Jewellery we can source diamonds from our trusted diamond merchants who obtain good, responsibly sourced diamonds from all over the world. Meaning, if we do not have the stone of your dreams in store, we can certainly find it for you.

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