Hatton Jewellery

For Insurance

A valuation for insurance is a document that says that you own an item of jewellery and specifies the details of said item. Many insurers do not ask for valuations below an agreed value, but our advice is to obtain valuations for all significant items.

We photograph, weigh and view your item then document it for you. The price given in an insurance document is new for old, meaning if we had to source and or make the item again, not to be confused for how much the item would be if you were to sell it.


Prices are a set rate of 1% of the total value of items, which works out £10 every £1000. A minimum price of £10. We also offer a rate of 0.5% of the total value of items if old valuation documents are provided.


A valuation for probate is a document that lists your items within your estate which is required by many solicitors when evaluating goods in a will. Executors of the estate and solicitors standing for the deceased are both able to contact us directly.  

A flat rate of £25 for up to 10 items. Larger valuations may vary. 

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