Engagement Rings: Everything You Need To Know

Engagement RingsChoosing the right engagement ring can be a tricky task. There’s a lot of things to consider:

  • What sort of Diamond should you go for?
  • What metal should you choose?
  • What style? Solitaire? Cluster?
  • Should you choose something “off the shelf” or go for something bespoke?

There are many questions, and the answer isn’t always a simple one. Most of the questions above are going to ultimately be answered by asking: What do you, and will your partner like? It’s something that’s going to be with you for the rest of your life, so you want to be sure you’re happy with your choice.

But… there are “basics”. For example, there are different types of diamonds and it’s not just about the ‘weight’ – the carat…  features such as cut, colour and clarity all play their part.Simply fill out your details below and I’ll send you a copy of my guide straight away:


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